I break all my headsets

2D Animator and character designer at Daedalic entertainment
This is my private blog, so it's mostly things that I think are funny, which they usually are not.

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So, where do I go in september?
I don’t know yet, fingers crossed that I’ll find a path in the next few weeks.



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I accept payment via paypal only. 

Here are the prices I have set for my work. These are the current prices I am charging, and any other previous commission posts I’ve made in the past are out-dated, and have incorrect prices.

Hello everyone, my name is Ed, and I am opening up art commissions! You pay me, and I draw for you. I am supporting me, my mother, my grandmother, and my brother all by myself with the money I make from taking art commissions. My family’s financial situation is kinda’ desperate, so please consider me for work! And please, if you can, donate to me using the button that can be found on my blog description.

Prices and other info under that read-more! Make sure to read the additional notes and disclaimers at the bottom of this post!

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Got my power shut off recently, and it cost me every cent I had to get it turned back on. So, commissions would be REALLY appreciated right now.

Thank you to everyone who has commissioned me in the past, who signal boosts me, and supports me all together. You guys are amazing, and I don’t know where I’d be without my fans and followers.

Also, slight price raise. I’m really sorry about that.